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 Guaranteed Test Scheme

What are the benefits of our GTS ?

We are constantly asking our pupils, if they had the chance would they like to pay just one payment for all their lessons and tests. The usual answer is "yes please".... So that's what we have done...

We have come up with what we think is a good value for money Guaranteed Test Scheme that includes driving lessons, Two Theory and Two Practical tests with one of our fully qualified higher grade instructors, who's aim is to teach you "Safe Driving for Life"
The package is made up of an initial 60hrs of planned structured and relevant practical driving lessons taken at a minimum of 3hrs per week (2 x 90min).... Within the first 30hrs you will hopefully, with help from your Instructor, have taken and passed the Theory and Hazard perception test. Your Instructor will be happy to help if you encounter any problems. Whilst everybody learns at different rates we are confident that you will be ready for your Practical Driving test by the end of your initial 60hrs and you and your instructor will choose a mutually suitable time and date for your Driving test.

Should you not be successful on your first attempt your package includes a further 14* hours of lessons to allow for any problems to be rectified before a second Driving test..... If on the rare occasion that you are unsuccessful on the second test we will give you 4 x 1 hour lessons (1 hour per week) per failed test after that until you have passed*.
Sound Good ?...... So why would you choose our GTS instead of paying for lessons and tests as you go ?.... Well let me show you a few figures ........

Our GTS  includes an initial 60hrs of driving lessons an additional 14 hours should you not be successful at the first attempt of the Practical test and a further 4 x 1 hour lessons at 1 hour per week per failed test thereafter up to a year from the start date*
Two Theory tests
Two Practical Driving tests
If you were to pay for the lessons and tests as you went along it would cost you the following at today's AAA School of Motoring prices and DSA current test fees:*

Initial 60hrs @ £22ph 1320.00
Additional 14hrs @ £22ph 308.00
Potential extra 18 hrs @ £22ph 396.00
Theory tests x 2 £62.00
Practical Driving test x 2 £124.00

~~~~~~ £
2210.00 ~~~~~~

So what will the cost of the GTS be compared to the standard lesson price on a pay as you go basis ?.......
Well you will get exactly the same amount of lessons and tests as above .... You will get the same fully qualified high grade AAA instructor giving you the same planned structured and relevant lessons in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the same high spec fully dual controlled car...and all for a one off payment of
~~~~~~ £1600.00 ~~~~~~

That's a massive saving of
~~~~~~ £610.00 ~~~~~~

To discuss or to book your GTS please call

01752 873329
07877 425363