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AAA School of Motoring Update of Terms and Conditions post Covid -19

1. We will contact the pupil 90 mins before the booked lesson to confirm they are well and have no symptoms or had contact with anyone with symptoms. We will need you to reply to this call, failure to reply WILL result in no lesson and YOU WILL be charged.

2. We will arrive in enough time to wipe ALL surfaces that the pupil will be in contact with inside and outside of the vehicle using antibacterial disposable wipes before the pupil gets into the vehicle. The instructor will wear PPE which consists of a face covering and gloves (please notify your instructor of any allergies to latex materials). The instructor will use a hand sanitiser before wearing the gloves. FACE SHEILDS ARE NOT TO BE WORN ON LESSON OR TESTS

3. Please make sure that you wash your hands in hot water using soap for a min of 20 seconds as per the Government guidelines and wear adequate face covering and gloves before your booked lesson starts. If you do not have the correct PPE items AAA School of Motoring can provide you with a face covering and gloves for £4. The pupil must dispose of these items.

4. To reduce the risk of infection could pupils please wear suitable clothing to cover as much flesh as possible and please refrain from bringing any bags, coats and mobile phones into the Vehicle.

5. Any face to face discussions will take place outside the vehicle where possible eg: before the lesson, introducing new topics/progress and at the end of the lesson.

6. We will ensure the vehicle is sufficiently ventilated by means of an open window throughout the lesson. The AC (air conditioning) will not be in use at this time.

7. Appointments are to be written in the diary by the instructor and the pupils are to write on their own appointment card using their own pen (if using a AAA pen it will be wiped before and after use)

8. At the end of the lesson the instructor is to wipe all surfaces with antibacterial disposable wipes and dispose of their PPE before driving to the next pupil. AAA School of Motoring have put these measures in place to ensure the safety of all our pupils along with Instructors and Examiners.