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AAA - SOM - Hall Of Fame
Phil is a great guy and very good at his job. He makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and i always enjoyed my lessons and i passed first time with only minor. THANK YOU

I passed my driving test 30 years ago and only drove a handfull of times as my confidence was very low. I booked a course of refresher lessons with AAA and Phil Eaton was my Instructor. Phil rang me the week before my course started and we spent 45 minutes chatting about what made me nervous and what i wanted from the lessons. This really set my mind at ease and when he called for my first lesson i felt I already knew him I did a total of 10 hours and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. He instantly put me at ease and made me feel very relaxed. He gave me lots of encouragement and feedback and suggested various reading material and websites to help me between lessons. After so many years as a timid driver I have just returned from a visit to my Daughter who lives in the Midlands and I drove all the way there and back without a hitch. FANTASTIC. Thank you Phil

Mrs Ann Williams

Well now we asked Dan if he would send us a few words for this bit but i'm not sure he has got out of his car since he passed his test first time with Coral, however we are sure he would say that he really enjoyed his lessons and that coral, whilst always professional and a damn good instructor, always made lessons fun and taught him that chinese burns and dead legs were a part of learning to drive .... we would like to wish Dan every success with his driving but remember ... waving at everybody is not big and not clever ... All the best chap

I have had really good driving  lessons  with coral

she is a really  good driving  instructor she really helped me learn to
drive I would  definitely  recommend  her to all my mates who would
like to drive .