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AAA - SOM - Hall Of Fame
Hi my name is Leanne i had a very good experience with AAA ( Phil Eaton
).  I had previously had a year of lessons with another instructor which
i got nowhere.  Once i changed to Phil i realised how much i hadn't
been taught by my previous instructor.  Phil has an excellent way of
getting across what he is teaching and really puts you at ease.I only
had about 10 lessons with Phil before i passed my test but learnt more then than in the year
with my previous instructor.  I would recommend him to anyone. Massive
thanx to Phil

Driving lessons with Coral were really great.I always felt comfortable and relaxed as Coral is so down to earth. I looked forward to my lessons each week and learnt something new everytime. I recommend her to all my friends and anyone else that wants to learn to drive as i believe she can be as helpful to them as she was for me.

April Lloyd

Thanks for helping 2 more
totally sane people take to the road!

My testimonial is as follows:

It is an understatement to say that teaching my brother and myself to
drive is difficult task. Two very different people with, let's say, two
driving styles. However, with corals help, we are both now proud fully
fledged drivers. Coral made our lessons fun and relaxed whilst pushing
to get the best out of us both. She was reliable, personable and a
really great teacher. I'm really happy we chose the AAA motoring school
and I'm sure many more will be too. Thanks again!

Phil was my 4th instructor over a period of time, and 4th time lucky I chose the 
right driving school. The support I had from Phil and his wife Coral made me
feel comfortable and really enjoyed my lessons. For anyone lacking confidence or
need the support then do not hesitate to use AAA driving school! By far the best

Dean Dark